Welcome to
Green Guest House!

Thank you for visiting the official website of “Green Guest House”.
This is a low price dormitory-based accommodation.
(Private rooms are also available.)
Located just a short walk from Tenmonkan, the downtown area of Kagoshima,
It’s close to each ferry terminal at Kagoshima Port, making it very convenient for trips to remote islands.
Encounters between users, exchange of travel information, etc.
Please enjoy the “experience that goes beyond staying overnight” created in the common areas
of our guesthouse.  
Green Guest House will support you on your journey.

◎ Check-in hours have been
extended until 22:00.
(Business Hour:
10:00~12:00 / 15:00~22:00)

◎ “Advance payment” is now available on the reservation page of this official website.
 Please use it if you would like to check in smoothly on the day of your stay.
 You can book online at the cheapest price!

Accommodations just steps from Kagoshima Port, the island’s gateway

Kagoshima Prefecture has more
than 1,000 islands, both inhabited and uninhabited,
in an ocean area stretching 600 km
from north to south.
“Green Guest House” is located just a
few minutes walk from the south pier of
Kagoshima Port,
the gateway to these remote islands.

helicopter shot

Although we mainly offer low-cost dormitories (shared rooms), we also have private rooms for families and couples.

A rooftop terrace overlooking the majestic Sakurajima and Kinko Bay.
Lounge space where you can order
drinks and meals.
A shared kitchen and dining area where you can cook your own meals,
equipped with a variety of cooking utensils and seasonings (chemical-free), etc.
There are several common areas
within the property.


屋上 屋上 屋上



Low-cost Dormitory-style Hostel
in Kagoshima City Green Guest House


Green Guest House
5-7 Sumiyoshi-cho,
Kagoshima 892-0823, Japan
TEL & FAX: 099-802-4301