Access to Green Guest House

It takes only 4min. by walk to the ferry port which goes to Yakushima, Tanegashima and other islands.
It takes 7min. by walk to downtown (Tenmonkan).

○ From Kagoshima Airport by bus.
— First get on an airport shuttle bus at Kagoshima Airport platform no.2.
and get off at Tenmonkan or the High Speed Boat Terminal.

○ From Kagoshima-Chuo station by tram.
— First get on a tram at Kagoshima-Chuo Station and get off at Izuro stop.
It Takes 7minutes by walk from Izuro stop.

○ From Kagoshima-Chuo Station by taxi or by walk.
— Takes 10min. by Taxi or takes 30min. by walk.

○ From Kyusyu-jidousyadou(highway)/Ibusuki-skyline/Kagoshima-touzaidouro kagoshima IC by car.
— 4.5km

Kagoshima Airport Bus Timetable

・Nankoku Kotsu – Link
・Kagoshima Kotsu – Link

Ferry Timetable

・Ferry Yakushima 2 (Kagoshima – Yakushima) – Link
・Princess Wakasa (Kagoshima – Tanegashima) – Link
・Toppy Rocket (Kagoshima – Tanegashima – Yakushima) – Link
・Hibisukasu (Kagoshima – Tanegashima – Yakushima) – Link
・Ferry Misima – Link
・Ferry and Island – Link
・A”LINE (Kagoshima – Amami-Oshima – Okinoerabujima – Yoronjima – Okinawa) – Link

Vicinity Map

Green Guest House

Green Guest House
5-7 Sumiyoshi-cho,
Kagoshima 892-0823, Japan
TEL & FAX: 099-802-4301
(10:00~12:00 / 15:00~22:00)